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October 23, 2019   |  Employee News

Does printing sales experience matter today? You bet it does!

Our sales representatives are the most experienced in the printing business. In almost 100 years LPC has only had two great salesmen cover South Mississippi. It's safe to say that our sales team know printing.

1979 was the pivotal year when Walter Stockfisch retired and handed the South Mississippi area to a young Jimmy Hughes. These vintage photos show Walter Stockfisch receiving retirement Plaque from, Mr. Ellett Lawrence, President of Lawrence Printing Company in 1979.

In the group photo you can see; Bob Knox - Office Manager, Jimmy Hughes - New South Mississippi Sales Representative, Walter Stockfisch - Retired, Ellett Lawrence - President of Lawrence Printing Company.

Walter Stockfish worked for LPC for 50 years and lived and worked from Brookhaven, Mississippi. Since 1979, Jimmy Hughes has blazed a printing sales trail and is on track to do the exact same thing.

Contact one of our LPC Sales Representatives today! Each of them have an amazing story that we will share as well. Let their vast printing experience work for you.

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